Music Moment: Pump, “Falling From Grace”

14 Jun


today has been one of slight ups and downs. Some issues regarding editing pieces and an e-mail faux-pas that hasn’t bitten me on the arse just yet. Plus decided to write-up a new column and came up with 1000 words that may or may not prove once and for all whether free association writing is actually real or not. We shall see if my taking a hammer to this keyboard for 2 hours actually worked or not.

Oh and my stitched up finger is rather weepy and smells like a mix of cheese and wet dogs.

So I’m tired and in need something that’s soothing, but appeals to my need for something slightly menacing to make living feel worthwhile. And this track more than fits the bills. First heard this track from PUMP on a Blackest Ever Black mixtape from earlier this year. I won’t go into their back story as the YouTube description has the entire band bio. But its lumbering, overhanging ambient sounds contains more than a passing nod to the 80’s dark sounds of Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing gristle et al. Serious music for killers.


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