Free Music Dump: Free Music Comin’ Out O’ Yo Ass!!

17 Jun

My god it has been a LONG time since i last did one of these little things. And i’M sure that in the time since my last free music dump, the online world has descended into a squabbling icky weasel punching clusterfuck. But have no fear children, for i am back to dispense with the aural-palliatives to stop you all skullfucking each other online.

so onto my first Salvo. And what a Salvo! It’s the debut EP from CRUSHING BLOWS, a psychedelic rock band from Derby in the UK. What we have here i 4 tracks of rather well put together multi coloured rock that has some classic Prog rock riffing with rather ice clad chiming synth pluckings and rather modernist leanings. To my London homies, they’re playing at the Brixton Windmill in a couple of weeks. I think you should see them.  then but some crack. A lot of crack….


Next up, we travel eastwards to the rather messed up russian empire to experience the sounds of MIRROR FACE with their latest EP “Slouse”. Also 4 tracks in length, this is a slightly hazy, loved up collection of minimal noise pop that reminds me a little of Petur, Bjorn and John when they were still good. i recommend that you play these guys on a nice sunny day when the breeze is coming in from the sea and you have a cold beer and the local paper.


Ok, enough of the lightness. We need to get all transgressive here. And to do that we have to travel even further to the other side of the world and Melbourne, Australia to taste the delights of THE PEACH TREE. Their debut EP, “Magick”, is an occult influenced mix of noise electronics and rather unsettling gothic electro-acoustics spoken word chinks. Best to play with the lights turned down low. Not to be taken with Acid.


Ok, last up is a really good find. I give you the debut album from a solo project called NEW SAVAGES. Now i can find almost next to nothing about this guy apart from the fact that he is from Kansas in the US, but his album is incredibly accomplished. A mix of 80’s style post punk and softer ambient pieces. Like the album covers, it’s uplifting but still clings to its dark overtones. Reminds me of something that would have some out from a John Peel session in 1981. highly recommended….


Now i think that is all you lot can take for now isn’t it? Otherwise you’ll just make yourself sick with all that yummy goodness. Now off you go!

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One response to “Free Music Dump: Free Music Comin’ Out O’ Yo Ass!!

  1. Angus Maiden (The Peach Tree)

    June 24, 2011 at 12:58 am

    Hello, It’s Angus Maiden here aka. The Peach Tree. I wanted to thank you for posting about my EP “Magick”, though it be not a debut: I’ve been making this sort of music since about 2005. I really appreciate the posting though, it has driven some traffic to my sites. More of my stuff can be found for free at – Keep up the great work! 🙂


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