Music Dump: Gonjasufi, “A Sufi And A Killer”

23 Jun

Well you didn´t get one last week and I’m a little pressed for time here, so i shall just cut with the preamble and get down to brass tacks. You want something to listening to, don’t you, you covetous little fucks. Well i shall oblige, but i hate you all, just sayin’

so as summer is here, i fancy that we need some sweaty, dense, claustrophobic beats to really get into the feeling of summer. That hot and sticky feeling where it’s just too warm to do anything strenuous. And that is the reason why i give you this weeks album, “A Sufi And A Killer” from GONJASUFI.

Gonjasufi (AKA Sumach Ecks) is a US west coast rapper who also is a DJ and a yoga teacher, which is certainly a bit more different to your usual guns, blow and bitches background of 95% of rappers. This dedication to balanced living and mysticism is evident on the album, such as the track “Sheep”, which talks about being a sheep and not having to kill and eat meat. Yes you heard me, a rap track extolling the virtues of vegetarianism.

As an album it certainly is unorthodox in it sound and execution. His vocals are very strange, sounding a bit like if Snoop Dogg’s voice went the same was as Bob Dylan’s voice did, all croaking, drawling and breaking all over the shop. Also his style of music and sampling is very unique, coming across like a broken world jukebox from the 70’s. You have ragtime style 60’s folk pop (“She’s Gone”), 70’s style Stooges riffing (“SuzieQ”), easy lounge listening (“Sheep”), and full on soul (“Change”). The production (from the Gaslamp Killer), is also just as crackling and hissing and distorted as Gonjasufi’s voice.

ASAAK is a heavy, muddy and gooey listen, which is good for listening to on your porch as the sun beats down on your face.

You can try out A Sufi And A Killer HERE

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One response to “Music Dump: Gonjasufi, “A Sufi And A Killer”

  1. singularityjones

    November 16, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    Small damn world, you’re one the first page of Google results for ‘gonjasufi’… just got this album and it’s cracking… J


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