the Sunday Cult film corner: “Class of 1984 (1982)”

26 Jun

So it’s been a quiet few days down here on the farm. This has been mostly due to me doing several things, as well as going out into the country with Mrs Sex Farm’s family to eat my bodyweight in lamb flesh and chocolate (often at the same time). So now I’ve come back to the hustling, bustling city and i need to get down to business… before i go to watch “Bridesmaids” at the cinema.

For this weeks cult film i was going to an “OTT slightly fascistic ghetto apocalypse” with the likes of Death Wish 3, but it seems that YouTube has taken the movie offline, but in its place i have a classic piece of teen Ghetto exploitation that has as many laughs as it does dramatic moments. Ladies and Gentlemen, i give to you CLASS OF 1984!

The plot is really simple. A new good-to-honest teacher named Andy takes up a posting at an inner city school in the Ghetto to find the place in chaos, with drugs and violence endemic, and gangs terrorizing the students and teachers alike. He squares up to the drug dealing leader of the gang, a piano student named Stegman (!), who then proceeds to intimidate him and his family. Andy must now do whatever it takes to protect his family and bring these no good student scum to justice. OH YEAH!!

Like Death Wish 3, Class of 1984 is so OTT in its portrayal of “youth gone bad”. True, nowadays in urban schools gang violence and Metal detectors are fairly common, but the chief baddie in this film is a pretty white boy piano student for chrissakes! Class Of 1984 also exploits the “Punk” look for extra shock effect, remembering that the “Punk Rock” episode of Quincy only just came out earlier that year, making punk the simplest thing to scare the parents at that time. Loads of spiked hair and Swastikas all over the shop!

This became such a cult exploitation success that it was even parodied by Troma films with their own version, “The Class of Nuke ’em High!”. The teacher fights back movie would be taken further in later years with the equally risible “The Substitute” and “187“.

So sit back, get some black flag on the stereo and watch some bad kids get a lesson in DISCIPLE AND LAW AND ORDER DAMMIT!!

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