Music Moment: Tappi Tíkarrass, “Laekning”

27 Jun


So i was having a nice evening depressing the wife with talk of politics and kittens and stuff, so in the end she pretty much banished me to the PC, where i actually managed to watch ROKK Í REYKJAVIK for the 1st time fully, thanks to the guys at Icelandic Cinema Online.

It’s a really interesting movie and is a rarely bettered snapshot of the music scene in Iceland in the early ’80s. I recommend you go and see it. A few things that i came away with;

– Björk was still in her teens in this movie, and she is actually a bloody good singer.

– I´m still not really sure what the hell Bubbi Morthens was talking about in his bits in the movie. Perhaps it was the subtitles, but I’m not certain. But his live stuff kind of explains his massive popularity from that period.

– The singer of  punk band Fræbbblarnir looks just weird, looking like a Byronesque goth battling a gout condition, trying to do the old Johnny Rotten bug-eyed stare. With that baggy shirt he looked more like he’d just come from a Rocky Horror covers band.

– Bjarni Þórir Þórðarson, the lead singer of punk band Sjálfsfróun (Masturbation), looks barely 12 (in fact  think he was!), but the way he screams all over the place, smoking like a chimney, sniffing glue, and scaring the shit out of people when walking into the bus station, he was waaaay more angry that most of the callow music people you get these day. Oh, did i say he was 12?

– Þeyr in Nazi regalia. About 4 years too late compared to the rest of the punk world, but just right for Iceland.

– That decapitated chicken scene was not as exciting at it was meant to be.

– Did Einar Örn Benediktsson have ADD?

– Iceland looked and sounded like a really shit place to live in the early 80s.

for tonight’s music moment, I’m going to the band that Björk was a member of in the movie. TAPPI TÍKARRASS. This was her breakthrough project at the time as they mixed bits of funk, disco and post punk into their sound. Sounded like Mammút 25 years before they got together. This track “Lækning”, was from their 1983 album Miranda. A punchy bass line, spidery guitars, and some B-movie synths make this an interesting  little ditty.


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