Music Moment: The Haxan Cloak, “Hounfour”

28 Jun

Brush, wash, scrub….

Sorry, just getting ready. Even though it’s fast approached 9pm, i am off out tonight. where am i off to?. Well it so happens that the postponed CARIBOU gig that was supposed to have been on last month before Icelandic did and earth core fart is on tonight! And yes it WILL be starting at 10pm, but this time i have a late shift on tomorrow, so it won’t be too bad on my poor, wrecked hooman body.

So while i get ready, i suppose i should be listening to some Caribou. But then i thought sod that. I was actually drawn to a track after a twitter friend posted that he was listening to the debut album from a band named THE HAXAN CLOAK. As you well know, anything to do with witchiness or the occult or stuff like that automatically piques my interest. turns out they are on the Aurora Borealis label, which has the likes of Menace Ruine and Thisquietarmy, which is also a plus. these guys though are from the UK and they do a mix of shuddering beats, organic field recordings and heavy scraping string instruments and drones. Think the likes of Ben Frost, Senking and KTL. Very heavy, dense and foggy. The sort of stuff you want to listening to while wearing a large hood and trudging through a darkening forest. Lovely! Oh and you can stream the album HERE.

See you at Caribou!


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