Music Moment: Nightwave, “Feel”

13 Jul


Yes i actually went back to work today. Felt like crap at the end of it, but not as crap as Mrs Sex Farm, whom I’ve passed my rather virulent strain of snot anthrax to. HAHAHA! She’s hot, sweat and spent the day in her pyjamas. Damn she looks gorgeous!

So anyway i hope you liked my random thought yesterday about what i got up to last weekend, I missed out some things, like the landi snorting competition, to protect those involved, I’m glad people actually wanted to read it, even though it was full of spelling (and the odd factual) errors. But this is blogging, not paid journalism Ye get what yer paid for!

And as for today, well I’ve been taking in a few new releases. A couple of CD’s that are ok, one that’s rather great (well i think so), and one that is rather piss poor. should start on those in the next couple of days, as well as getting some quotes to questions from people for a feature. I should have done this over the weekend, but didn´t as everyone was either busy, drunk, or both. Now, with clearer heads, is the time to do it.

So for tonight’s music treat, i´m back to the Boing Boing world of electronics! Of rather Nightwave (aka Slovenian producer Maya Medvesek). Her first release for Svetlana records, it’s got a good UK Funky bastard style squeezed onto a greasy big chunky bass line. Add some skittering synths and some nice vocal samples, and hey presto! Instant groove! Oh and the video’s not too shabby either.



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