Saturday Night Fighting Music: Linkin Park “Derivative”???? Why you little motherfu…

16 Jul

So today has been a lovely day in downtown 101. People are walking around, stopping to look at clownsperforming in the street, having coffee and drinking on the pedestrian cafés (yes like the blooming of desert flowers, a cafe culture springs up in the 3 days Icelandic weather gets close to 20 Celsius!), they are stopping to talk to each other about nothing in particular, and everyone apart from the tourists are in their t-shirts.

In short, everyone is… HAPPY!

NOOOOO!!! this will not do! where is the barely concealed loathing for the other remnants of your species? where is the anger, the rage, the total nihilism? this is not what i expect from Saturday in 101 Reykjavik!

Well sod that. I have taken my darkest rugs and stapled them to the window frames, and I’ve bolted the door shut. I sink into darkness with my Neurosis and Siouxsie and the Banshees records, but before all that i think you should join me in listening to these gems….

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Posted by on July 16, 2011 in mixes, music, Video


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