Low Impulse power: The Farm goes on holiday!!!

19 Jul

right now i don’t have too much time on my hands. this is because i’M trying to get ready to go on my holidays! Yes the Farm will be on hiatus for the next couple of weeks while i recharge my batteries in the sunny climbs of… Shetland! Yes i have swapped a cold windswept barren environment for… another cold, windswept, barren environment. you know what they say, a change is a good as a rest.

so during the next 2 and a bit weeks, all will be quiet on the farm. The chickens have been euthanized, the cows have been drained of their milk and sperm. and the pile of tyres have been set on fire. but before i go and start my travels, here are a few bits and pieces to clear up….

Firstly, a call for help. A woman recently joined me on twitter and she has a little problem. She is with a US band named Ghost Town Jenny. Her band has secured a place on an Off-Venue showcase gig at this years Iceland Airwaves festival. Well done that group. However, as they are an unsigned band, getting from San Francisco to Iceland is a little problematic as they are stinking poor. So they have started a little kickstarted campaign to tug at your heart-strings to see if you can chip in a little to get them to Iceland this October.

As well as the link, here is the video they’Ve produced for the project.


So if you like what you hear, and you feel that they deserve you help, then go to their Kickstarter page. you know what to do.

Secondly some new music for you guys. My friend Bram E Gieben posted this stuff online a few days ago, and it’s really good to listen. so i thought, why am i keeping it to myself, when i can share it to the world out there? The band in particular is called DATERAPE (catchy!) and their latest EP “Empress”. Hailing from Australia, they are anything but sunny. It’s the coldest darkwave you can get. imposing and mildly threatening you want this on your stereo when you driving all alone at night looking for people to pick up and “offer lifts” with. ideal summer listening really!

OK enough electronics, how about some decent garage punk rock? Of course you want that! And i have that in the form of MOCK DUCK and their latest EP “Altars Of Radness”. It all meat, no fat. 5 tracks of simple lo-fi chugga-chugga garage rock that only the best idiot want. And that means YOU want it to! DOWNLOAD IT YOU FOOL!

Last, but not least, is an EP that was posted and blogged about by my friend Birkir at his HALIFAX COLLECT blog. “Empty Crawlspace” by the band GOBSTOPPER has been described by everyone as unclassifiable. and i really can’t add any more to that. It veers between bizarre psych rock, dirge like sludge and  pop guitar licks. It’s musical ADD, and it’s really rather good! Have a listen and see what you think…

OK i think that’s all for now, but before i go, here’s a rather nice song from US slowcore guys PURE X called “heavy air”. Yup, they’re the new Low!

Happy Holidays!


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2 responses to “Low Impulse power: The Farm goes on holiday!!!

  1. Haukur SM

    July 19, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Have a great trip Bob!

  2. wim van hooste

    July 20, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Happy holiday Bob!


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