Starting Up The Hamster Chuff Engine: Getting the Sex Farm back in gear…

05 Aug


Oops, that sounded way too enthusiastic for its own good there. As you can see i have finally arrived back from my jolly little jaunt to the land of my birth (Narnia), to see my brother and several friends (Interzone) and spend time with my mother (Bartertown).

there will be some embloggening about my times and capers sometime over the coming week, when i haven’t got to spend this weekend grinding a shit load of reviews, features and (dammit) a NITcast to curate, of which i have absolutely no idea of the theme for this month. All of this has to come out of my little mind hole. Good to see I’m easing myself back into the swing of things.

So until i really get this blog up and running next week, here are a couple of little morsels for you to be reading about.

From the last issue of the Grapevine, a quick review of the latest release from Iceland Electronic supergroup Evil Madness, “Super Great Love”. Overall it was really good, but there was a few hefty dollops of maggot infested cheese amongst the slick electro grooves. And i never likes the first time that sort of sound came out in the first place.

A piece i wrote about modern protest music in Iceland regarding the Kreppa and the apparent lack from the public to take these anthems as a rallying call to demand more from the state and powers that be. I was going to do a companion piece about this on this blog, but time and effort escaped me (i.e. they published this while i was on my holidayz), so it may have to be done later.


And from the current issue, a review of the latest album from hoary old punkers Saktmóðigur. Definitely wears its old school punk heart on its filthy ragged sleeve, but it’s nothing really new or groundbreaking and some people will probably query as to why they bothered in the first place. The CD sleeve is fucking brilliant though. Note – the CD design was by Guðmundur Óli Pálmason, drummer from Sólstafir, while the mixing was done by lead singer Addi. Good to have nice metal friends like that!

Back to the salt mines I go….

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