Music Moment: PJ Harvey, “O Stella”

08 Aug


Well as i´m writing this, London seems to be burning again for another night. My old manor of Brixton was hit last night. JD Sports and Footlocker was raised to the ground as well as few other shops. It’s pretty much easier to say which Boroughs in London have not been hit by rioting. I’m not going to bother getting bogged down into the hows, why and wherefores as most of the Internet discussion panels are white-hot with indignant bellowing rage for and against. As one friend “it’s amazing how many people seem to be crying out for martial law right now”. Meanwhile in Iceland it’s been another lovely Summers day. Sorry but it has. Managed to get all my writing work done, so tomorrow i can finish my big “school report” on my holiday, as well as start my latest NITcast. Jesus it’s all go!

As for music tonight, i thought it’d be gauche to have stuff like “London Calling”, but flicking through memory lane, i came across this track which i hadn’t heard for quite a few years. Goddamn Polly and her dirty female guitars and pagan style sensuality.


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