Music Moment: Four Tet, “Locked”

15 Aug


Right. Tomorrow is a new day with new projects and all sorts of stuff to write about. Or i could just sit around and watch cat videos on YouTube and Nurse Jackie and stuff. No, i shall be disciplined as i have about 3 albums minimum to get done by the weekend. Those discerning ears need to be flex like a mother over the coming days.

And i promised i will get some decent music and stuff into your defiled hard drives as well over the next few days. there’s some decent stuff to be had out there, and i shall be you chunk conduit to it my pretties.

But some music to get you in a better frame of mind this evening. How about this little sweetly passed block of beat gold from Mr Kieran Hebden, aka FOUR TET. He recently did an apparently blasting mix for Fabric, titled Fabric 59, which should be coming out in the next month or so. Seamlessly grafting together 27 tracks, including field recordings and unreleased Four Tet tracks, he apparently recorded all his tracks from vinyl (even cutting his unreleased stuff onto acetate just so he could record that as well!) and nothing was cleaned up in the mixing.

The track tonight is one of the unreleased tracks from said mix, titled “Locked”. over 8 minutes of slowly bubbling polyrhythms based around a simple dub style beat. The way the whole track grows and blooms as it introduced soft and simple melodic lines to the steely rhythm, it’s almost the musical equivalent of how you brain wakes up and grows in awareness in the morning.


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