Reykjavik Grapevine: Live Review: Grapevine Grassroots Concert 30

17 Aug

So i arrived home on a Friday morning and managed to get some sleep when i received the following message by carrier pigeon….

Could you review the 30th concert in the Grapevine Grassroots series?

and i said oh god no! I would love to! and the results of that nights listening is now online and can be viewed here.

A couple of extra notes that didn’t get into the final edit….

– What was with the tiny table most of the acts played off? It was the sort of thing that an elf would have described as “Stunted”. It meant that the 3 first acts had to lurch over their equipment like some grotesque Igors. That shit is seriously going to mess up their postures in later life. something needs to be done about this! Musicians chiropractic health is at stake!

– If some Icelanders are scratching their heads regarding the Raw Sex comparison with the band Nóló, then here’s an explanation….

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