Music Moment:The Sound, “Winning”

17 Aug


Basically been sitting and thinking tonight. Thinking about how the internet has changed my listening habits over the last couple of years (clue – it has a lot. But possibly not in a good way) and of how it’s changed our attitudes to music in general. Essentially it’s my version of the Wire Magazine’s “Collateral damage”. Have the bare bones of an argument/polemic and will write that mother up soon. Will probably start reading Simon Reynold’s “Retromania” once this is finished.

A couple of other nice things today…

– Found out twitter friend, novelist and MASSIVE slits fan Zöe Howe is coming to You Are In Control/Iceland Airwaves this year. This is good news. I will have to read her biography of the Slits before she arrives as i´m sure she will be asking some questions. and i hate to fail tests…

– Speaking of Iceland Airwaves, more bands have been announced today. 50 more in total. You can see what they are HERE. I will probably give my overview a few weeks before it starts.

– Listened to the new album from Prurient today. First thought that ran through my head was “It’s the soundtrack to the first ‘Terminator’ movie!” AND THAT IS A GOOD THING!


– Oh and i really hate getting up in the morning….

So for tonight’s music moment, i’m gong back to my love of decent ’80s Post-punk music. Came across a band named THE SOUND, a British post punk band fronted by Adrian Borland. I listened to their second album “From The lion’s Mouth” today and rather liked the chameleons-style power goth pop. Its smooth,sleek and has that right level of melancholy. So here’s the Charlie Sheen inspired (!) track “Winning”.


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