Press the Twisting Flesh. smell the cheese! Menningarnótt 2011

20 Aug

So in 30 minutes i get cleaned up, absolved of my sins and i head straight out into 101 Reykjavik and a huge pool of Culture. the sort of pool that been lying in the sun for day and flies, contains a dead dog, and has some strange green algae is thriving on the surface.

Yes Menningarnótt (AKA culture night) is upon us again! Now in the past, i’ve either kept well away from it and having attempted it last year, i found myself to be cold and depressed surrounded by kids who had been taken over by a weird candy floss addiction and their rather drunk parents.

but this years looks to be different. For starters, there are LOTS of bands and music happening. here are some of the things i hope to view today.

– Loads of bands at Hjartatorg and Hemmi og Valdi all day, starting at 2pm

– A street Party ar Harðarstigur

– A Garden party at Ingólfstræti 21 starting at 2pm. Be there!

– Music and fun at Bakkus, Kaffibarrin and Barmahlíð 46.

– Reykjavik! and Sudden Weather change at their rehearsal space at the old pier from 9pm onwards

– Metal bands at Odinstrog this evening!

wow i need to go and sit down after just typing all of that! Anyway if you want a full run down of what’s happening. then may i suggest that you go HERE and view the schedule.

Now if you excuse me….. CUUUUUUUULTUUUUUURE!!!!

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