The Sunday Cult Movie: Outland (1981)

21 Aug

So yesterday, i pretty much overdosed on culture. If i can get the time, I’ll write something up on it. Luckily the day was blessed with a LOT of sunshine and i do believe i seem to have caught the sun a little. Also found a couple of REALLy decent acts whom i shall keep an eye out for in the future.

But today, is another day. I don’t want to have to think too much and right now even entertaining the idea of putting on some Celine Dion video seems a distinct possibility. But i must hold off that bout fo Masochism for a while as i have to give you all your weekly decent dose of Sunday cult culture. and for this week, i giving you an example of a when two movie genres collide. Ladies and gentlemen,  give to you OUTLAND.

Outland stars man’s man Sean Connery as a Federal Marshal who is assigned a post on one of Jupiter’s moon where a large titanium mining facility is situated with thousands of workers. Soon after he arrives, a strange spate of violent incidents involving the miners lead Connery in the direction of a massive drug ring operation that keeps the miners working beyond their limits, and involves powerful people. But as he investigates further, he finds himself increasingly isolated as the dealers take measures to put him out of the picture for good and his colleagues withdraw their support, fearful of reprisals.

In a nutshell, Outland is a western in space. If the plot seems familiar to you, then it’s basically the plot for western classic HIGH NOON (honourable good guy, facing up to the bad guys on his own, people around him withdrawing their help and support). And Outland itself looks and sounds good, itself looking very much like a remote western outpost in space. with the interior scenes going down the “Dirty” dystopia Sci Fi, of the likes of Dark Star, Aliens (grunts in space, grubby working conditions, everyone still smokes). The performances themselves are good, with Connery looking every inch the world weary lawman, with Peter Boyle looking very smug and slimy as the managers of the mine.

Also of note is the music composed by Jerry goldsmith, which has this jarring atonal feel to it and is well worth listening to on its own, especially the music in the opening credits. Oh, and watching Steven Berkoff lose it on screen is always a treat.

So put your feet up, get a glass of diet coke, and enjoy a decent space western where a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do… in a spacesuit…

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