Music Moment: Implodes, “Screech Owl”

22 Aug


Back at work. Putting together a couple of columns after inundating poor Editor with several music reviews and stuff. Should also get my thing about Menningarnótt sorted out or something. Damn, that’s going to be a LOT of writing over the next few days. I best get cracking then.

A quick bit of local music titbits. Seems that my favourite local ambient DnB mutilator FUTUREGRAPHER has released another EP titled “Tom Tom Bike”. currently listening to it now. I think you should to, not that i´m forcing you to do anything you don’t want to and stuff…


As for tonight’s music snack, I’m going for something ethereal and echoey, but with some disturbing thoughts underneath. The current album from Chicago quartet IMPLODES is a highly dense chunk of music that takes in equal parts shoegaze, drone, krautrock and black metal-lite that threatens to trap any unsuspecting light that approaches it. “Screech Owl” for example, is a mournful track that has a desolate emptiness that threatens to swallow you should you let it. I did, and it took me days to come back. The Horror. The Horror….


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