Reykjavik Grapevine: Album Reviews: Manslaughter & The Vintage Caravan

23 Aug

Hey Ho! we have a couple of reviews from the Grapevine up and running….

First off is FUCK LIFE CHOOSE DEATH by Manslaughter. A chugging, grinding collection of songs that mixes hardcore elements with amped up doom metal. It kinda works in many ways. We actual now have a few hardcore bands in Iceland that span a decent spectrum of worldview and styles. Manslaughter edges towards the party hard world view if you want to know. It also sounds really good as well. Has a clarity without sacrificing the power underneath it. Stream the mother HERE

Next is the self titled Album from THE VINTAGE CARAVAN. Yeah it sounds really good, but it’s not the most awe-inspiring or original dad rock music in the world. By the way they’re only 17 or thereabouts. It got cut up a bit, but the beginning of the review was supposed to say that it’s a truism that young people playing the most middle of the road genre music get a free pass if they play it really well. But i knew guys who were doing exactly the same stuff as this 18 years ago.

I also find it really funny the way that they have such MANLY lyrics and song titles on the rituals of carnal knowledge that you get on tracks such as “Need a Woman” and “Let’s get it on”. Maybe i should be taking notes or something…

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