Music Dump: The Sound, “Jeopardy”

27 Aug

Good morning campers!

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of days. Firstly, I’ve been projecting a lot of random brain energy about things such as the internet and the previous weekends Culture Night onto my screen which has taken up a fair bit of my mental space, not to mention being a bit messy and sticky. Secondly, my little sparky gothette of a friend Ms Rebecca Louder arrived a couple of days ago from here state imposed exile in Canada to start her course at the University of Iceland (go cows!). And i just had to see her!

And thirdly, i am in the bleak remote country. the wild, rugged terrain has already had an effect on my behaviour. It’s not even lunchtime and already I’ve set fire to a dead sheep, first for wild salmon and have willingly drunk my own piss! IN YOUR FACE BEAR GRYLLS! At least we have internet access, or else i might have to go and do something drastic, like read a book or something!

But i digress. THis is supposed to be an apology for my lack of communication, well in order to make up for things I’m giving you the gift of music to smooth things over. and I’m going back to the point, angular futurist face of post punk for my ransacking. This episode’s music dump is “Jeopardy”, the 1980 debut album of THE SOUND.

The Sound were one of those post punk bands that seemed to have developed a steady cult following by those in the know, but never truly had mainstream success. Their first two albums had modest success, but apparently they were being pressured into having a more “commercial” sound for their 3rd album. so they did the only thing they could do, which was to commit career suicide by making an album that was difficult to get into.

Jeopardy, their debut album, is an interesting listen, while slightly rough in its production, you can hear some really powerful  songwriting and melodic hook at play here. Adrian Borlands sound can pretty much be heard in modern-day acts. “Missiles”, with the stirring almost bombastic chorus, could pass for an Arcade Fire, while “Heartland”, with the fizzing energy, jarring synths, and nods to Roxy Music, would definite be sung by the likes of Maximö Park.

The sound carried for most of the Decade until they split up in 1988. the story of lead singer Adrian Borland is a sad one, as despite having a prolific solo career, he never managed to achieve commercial. He battled depression and alcoholism for many years before committing suicide in 1999.

Personally i think the Sound made excellent music and were criminally underrated in their time and were definitely the equal to the likes of The Chameleons and the Comsat Angels, who they coincidentally shared labels with.

so take some time to listen to the tracks below and see what you think. As for me, I’m back outside to punch a bear and eat the gizzards of seagulls.


You can try Jeopardy HERE

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