Music Moment: Asian Women on the Telephone, “pOHOTLIVAYA gORBUNIA iSCHET i nAHODIT”

29 Aug


Not much happening on the farm today. Have spent the day (and some of this evening) listening and sourcing music for what will be the next NITcast. The last one was okaaaay, but as i came back from my hols, the focus wasn’t really there and it showed. will do better this time.

Also started reading “Retromania” by Simon Reynolds. I wrote the first draft of my “internet Warning” piece before i started reading this book to see how much it rung with his main tenets. All i can say is that Mr Reynolds is pretty much bang on the money with the ideas of retro music/ no new ideas/ internet changing our listening and attitudes to music, except that he goes Waaaay further than i did (well, he had more than 1500 words!). Bastard seems to be speaking about my internet life as well. In many ways one of the books of the year, and also the most depressing.

Sigh…. so onto the music then. ASIAN WOMEN ON THE TELEPHONE are a bunch of crazy dudes from russia that make what they call “Dada rock”. It’s noisy, full on improvised (apparently) psych noise, with a real primal groove to it. Rather surreal (especially when coupled with the video), but they seem playful with it to. A decent counterpart to the psych drone that you get from the US west coast these days.

Oh and you can download all their shit from Bandcamp if you like what they do.


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