Free Music Dump: Look Luv I’m practically giving them away! Stop bothering me…

31 Aug

Can’t believe it’s been so long since i last threw out great fistfuls of free music right into your squishy lumpen faces. I almost forgot what it felt like. But now i shall amaze you with my magical musical resources to festoon some treasures for you…


first on the list is “Collage”, a split album from OOMKAH DEE and BLACK SKY CHANT. Two tracks, each approximately 20 minutes or so in length, it’s a hazy sea of ambient music that incorporates piano music, soft-spoken French words and eerie Korean opera vocals. It’s all rather spectral and wispy. Download and listen if you’re into the likes of The Caretaker


Next from my little sonic box of tricks is “Locust Lane” by VACATION. We’ve got 6 tracks of Psychedelic tinged folk sounds that come for the enchanted forest and stuff. Lots of echo sounds, heartfelt wailing and gently plucked and strummed guitars. Music to play to your rabbits to stop them from killing each other.


Ooh what this? We seem to have something interesting here, titled the “Homeward Sounds EP” by Antique shade, the duo formed from Chris Are & Jim Carapezza out of New York. “Homeward Bounds” has a slight ambient shoegaze quality to its sound. More swirls of echo and taped beat loops. Veeeeeeery laid back and relaxed, if you are into that sort of thing.


And finally, a break from all the woozy ghost sounds for some ROCK! “Heparin & Saline” is the latest album from VACANT FEVER, a hard-hitting duo from Seattle. From the first track it’s a serious blend of heavy stoner rock with some serious psych issues. Reminds me a little of VERY early Kings of Leon (before they turned shit), if they were produced by Josh Homme there’s a lot fo that desert highway sound in there. Lovely!


right i think that’s enough for you to be going on right now isn´t it? If not, then you’re a right greedy fucker and need to learn some manners.





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