Music Moment: Amen Dunes, “Baba Yaga”

31 Aug


WEll good new on the farm today. for i gots paid! yes, for a short time only i will be able to afford such luxurious items such as alcohol, noodles and…. a book! I know i’m just positively vulgar in the way i flash the cash aren’t i? Well after paying several bills, there’s the matter of an up and coming wedding anniversary and it’s my turn to splash out on the fineries. It´s apparently a “leather” wedding anniversary this year…. so gimp masks round then!

Right now i’M churning through two music reviews and should have them done soon. Still working on a column that is making me gnash my teeth. But i shall be victorious over the spoken and written word goddamnit!

But while i take a break, I’m going to give you evening’s listening. Only just steamed this yesterday. AMEN DUNES has just released his second album, “Through Donkey Jaw” and it’s an intense listen. Much bigger sound than before and much more focus on the song craft and vocals. Oh and he allows himself to go that much further out there in the noises he makes. Take this track “Baba Yaga” for instance. there is a solid rhythmic chassis that allows him to get all in his headspace with his echoes. Love stuff. For fans of all that desert inflected shaman blues/folk music. Cheers to Alex Vagenas for the head up.


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