Music Moment: Unison, “Brothers & Sisters”

05 Sep


so this will be a slightly short post as we are having fun times down at the farm. Tomorrow will be 3 years when i was lucky enough to purchase Mrs Sex Farm at the local county fair. I definitely got a good price for her, as she comes from good breeding stock, has firm thighs and can carry 50kg of produce over several kilometers. Like i said, a good catch.

Tomorrow I start a new NITcast, but tonight we have some melancholy synth pop, from our lovely French friends UNISON. they’Ve been messing around with the Witch House sounds for a little while (the did a recent split with Ritualzzz), but for this track they’ve gone back to their darkwave roots. Some really nice vocals and a slightly minimal feel to it. If someone read this and knows anyone in Samarís, then show them this video and get them to take notes…stat.



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2 responses to “Music Moment: Unison, “Brothers & Sisters”

  1. Paulo

    November 8, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Hi, I’m Paulo and I’d like to know where I can see the lyrics of “Brothers & sisters”, by Unison.
    I’m from Brazil and here is very hard found informations about this band.
    I wait your reponse. Thanks!


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