Nordic Interstitial Thresholds: “I sleep the Endless Sleep….”

08 Sep
Vodpod videos no longer available.


As promised it’s the beginning of the month, so a new NITcast is up and running! And after the sunny delights (and admittedly the slackness) of the last two months as the sunlight played havoc with my endorphins, the month sees the return of the Darkness (NOT the band) in a big way.

This mix is a blends of gothic sounds, 80s post punk, classic Industrial music and some modern feel-bad tracks Was particularly happy getting hold of that Winston tong track. And the “Nuclear Broadcast Warning” message was an absolute bastard to get as it’s not really anywhere on the tube, but i have my ways and means. Yes if we were going to be bombed to oblivion in the 1970s, that is the message we would have heard coming through the BBC!

If after listening to this, you want a lovely HQ version of this to download, then please click on THIS LINK. you know you will need this when you go to work today….

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