Music Moment: Terrors, “Inequipoise / Smoke Anyway”

12 Sep


So apologies for not making any posts over the last few days. This was mostly due to the fact i was getting drunk and molesting livestock in the country. I was a charming place call Kirkjubæjarklaustur for their annual sheep round-up called the Réttir, Which was followed by a good ol’ country style knees up. all well and good, but was glad to be back in civilisation at the end of it all. so was Mrs Sex Farm, who drunk just that liiiitle bit too much vodka. Ooops!

So for tonight I’m going to give you a nice bit of piercing sadness to make you cry lumps of despair from your tear ducts. TERRORS is the alias of an American guy named Elijah Forrest. And he makes the desolate blocks of hissed out drones with piercing guitar wails. There’s a big chasm of sadness at the heart of it all, something that you sometimes get from Doom Jazz merchants Bohren and der club of Gore. Either way, this is the sort of thing that you want on a clear moonlit night when everything you’ve ever known and love is gone for good. Yay!


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