Music Moment: Nirvana, “Dive”

13 Sep


OK am off to bed soon. not much happening on the Sex Farm front this evening. Just lots of eating toast, drinking tea and listening to some horror soundtracks and stuff. Did a couple of reviews, but will leave them till later on this week when i shall get them rewritten.

What was making me think is just how FUCKING OLD I AM! This is all because of the opinion piece in todays guardian about the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album being released. Made me think about getting that Nirvana album all those years ago. It was really a great noise pop/rock/metal record, but somehow it had never really latched onto me in the way i wanted it too (the same with Pearl Jam. I’ve never ever really got them to be honest). I mean, i really wanted it to. I can listen to the tracks even now and nod my head at a few of them, but it wasn’t a epiphany moment for me music wise. Today, i don’t even have a copy of it in any format. Instead i somehow found myself gravitating towards bands like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Neds Atomic Dustbin instead (which really goes someway to telling you about my taste in music back in the day…).

And the article has the usual snipey comments afterwards about Grunge and the “state of the music today”. For me grunge was just noisy, fun, my first gateway experience into other bands i wouldn’t normally have listened to, and seeing lots of decent performances on programmes like “The Word” (Hey it was actually a really good show for music!).  However by the end of  ’92 it was also my first real example of seeing a genre getting commodified by the mainstream. With the likes of MTV was mopping up and repackaging any outrage or anger that the bands wanted to give off, and grunge films like “Singles” and “Reality Bites”, you were seeing segments in the News of the World and This Morning about “How you can dress your kids so they can be Grunge”. It was also interesting seeing the way that grunge turned into “Alternative Rock/Metal” and seeing a lot of bands being pushed to the fore, like Helmet, Stone Temple Pilots and Live. No wonder i almost gave up on music in the Mid-late ’90s.

So tonight’s track is NOT from Nevermind, but from their collection of B-sides and early stuff, “Incesticide”. I remember getting the CD at a records fair that came to Shetland in 1994. I think it was a bit of a cash-in CD at the time, but it’s since gone on to grow in stature as a picture of the bands early sound. I’m going to play the opening track “Ride”. Always liked that track. But I’m not getting any plaid shirts again. NEVER!


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