Saturday night fighting Music: Shit Indie Disco Part 2, “The Bowlcut Revenge…”

17 Sep

It’s SATURDAY NIGHT! And i’m not going out. this is because i am a scenester about town, i have no money to my name. I wouldn’t mind going out but all i have is a half bottle of vodka and a free Bakkus frinnks token. I have the taste of blood in my mouth and i can’t get the wanderlust out of my mind. Maybe things will happen, who knows?

So to dampen things down while i eat some spicy chicken wings and rape a goose, let’s cast my mind back to 1993 and all things hideous and Indie as shy NME-reading kids try their best to cop off with the nice looking girl with the Wonder Stuff long sleeve t-shirt.

Oh and one other thing… WHY IS THERE NO DECENT CIDER IN ICELAND??? I could so with a cider and black right now…..

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Posted by on September 17, 2011 in music, Video


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