Music Moment: Regis, “Blood Witness”

28 Sep


Ha only joking. It’s not that bad, only feels like it. you may have been wondering where i have been over the last couple of days. well the truth is that I’ve been working  hard like a pit pony that’s two stops away from the glue factory as both my day jobs are taking up my time and effort. so this means that posts will be a little lean and mean for the next couple of days.

all of this is because Iceland Airwaves is but 2 weeks away now, and this week has been all about getting interviews sorted, requests sent out and chased up, and the divvying up of work and responsibilities. I do have a couple of really good interviews with some tricky acts that will require all my skill and researching experience (30 minutes listening to their songs on YouTube) before i go blundering in and getting the singer’s name wrong or something.

Hopefully after the weekend, when it has died down just a little, i will give some thoughts on this year’s Airwaves all nice and honest and stuff. But until then I’m going to give music to you, because that’s what you want really isn’t it?

Tonight’s track is just the thing to welcome in the winter months, “Blood Witness” from REGIS. Best known for producing some of the best thumping minimal techno in the ’90s before seemingly going to ground in the ’00s. But he has since resurfaced with an EP “In A Syrian Tongue”, which is now out on digital download, thanks to the masters of all things dark and brooding Blackest Ever Black. Very pressured, lots of pulsing percussive touches alá Shackleton, and great music to be getting all nervous and paranoid to.


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