The Sunday Cult Film Corner: “Death Line AKA Raw Meat (1973)”

02 Oct

This weekend has been busy and hassled for yours truly over here at the Farm. A lot of extracurricular  work and a looming deadlines means that yours truly has had no proper time to relax for the past week. Not even the latest track from Fabio Orsi has helped me to take it easy.

but there is one thing i will never do, and that is neglect you poor bastards who believe that this blog is worth of your time and eyes muscle exertion. insult, needle, take the piss out of? Oh definitely. But neglect? NEVER!

So taking a little bit of time away from the mountains of writing, it’s time to check the dusty old film reels to present anther installment of THE SUNDAYYYYYYYYYY CULT FILM CORNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (R-R-R!).

And seeing as it’s the first Sunday in October, that means for the next 4 weeks in the Run up to Halloween, we will be showing some lovely scary films, full of chills, spills, gore and possible anal rape (for laughs mins you).

to start us off, i present a eerie, weird little horror film that plays directly into London’s parallel universe that resides underground in the tunnel beneath out feet. Ladies and Gentlemen, i give to you DEATH LINE.

Also known under the US title “Raw Meat”, Death Line was directed in 1973 by Gary Sherman. The film depicts a gruesome family of cannibals descended from the families of Victorian era railway workers who live in London underground tube network. At night they venture to the stations to pick off unwary travellers catching the last train. But when an important politician is caught and killed, The last family member is hunted by two police inspectors (Donald Pleasance & Norman Rossington).

Death Line is a weird spooky little film that perfectly mainline into the mountains of folklore that exists with London subterranean history. The site UNDERGROUND HISTORY  for example, is full of stories about disused underground tube stations, railways lines and other such tunnels. Indeed Death Line was filmed at the disused Aldwych station

there are some decent performances, especially from Pleasance as the chippy Inspector, and Christopher Lee, playing a cameo role as a smarmy MI5 agent. The basic premise of kill cannibals living underground was revisited again year later with films like CREEP and MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, but for my money Death Line is better with itS dirt, stench and decay.

So i you want to be reminded at to why it’s not wise to miss the last train at night, then turn off all the lights, put your feet up and watch this nasty little tale from the Underground. MIND THE DOORS!

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