Music Moment: K-X-P, “Cymbalim”

03 Oct


Gah this is fun. Stuff gets done and handed in, only for more work stuff to be handed to me. I’d almost completely forgotten how mad the rush was in the week running up to Airwaves was. I mean, last year i only did a few interviews, but this years it just feels a lot more. Maybe it is, or maybe I’m just whingeing again.

Oh well it’s only a few more to go, then i can breathe easy for a couple of days. Until it all starts up again…. You’d be forgiven for not realising i actually enjoy all of this really, masochist that i am!

As for tonight’s music moment, i’M going to give you some music from a band whose interview i was actually working on tonight. K-X-P are from Finland and of course, they’re playing at Airwaves. They do that dark, pumping beat rock that often has a touch of the motorik to it. Also has a slight glam feel by way of Doctor Who to it. Anyway this is a track from their latest EP “Easy” that was released not long ago. Also check out their self-titled album.

anyway that’s yer lot for now.


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