Music Moment: GNOD, “Tony’s First Communion – Parts 1 & 2”

06 Oct


Slurp…. ahh a nice evening cup of tea before i go to bed. Today is what we call in the field, “A good day”. Did my last phone interview (for now), which i´ll transcribe and put together tomorrow. As he was a lovely Scots lad we had a chance for a wee bit ‘o banter and stuff. Some good quotes and the odd chuckle. Lovely!

And as for tonight, I’ve managed to get some momentum back into this blog after it has stalled for a while. To celebrate i´m gonig to give you some nice head music before i go off to the land of wet dreams and weird symbolism. Take GNOD, a bizarre space rock group from Manchester who’Ve been churning out rather unbalanced jams for a while now. their latest album was only two tracks but what lovely little tracks they are. i´m giving you the first track, “Tony’s First Communion”, which of course has to come in 2 parts. Has a simple stomp style one note riff. with buzzing, swirling  guitar sonics that pass in and out of your cranium. The riff does feel veeeery familiar, until i realised that Queens Of The Stone Age had a similar thing with “God Is On The Radio”. but hey, it still rocks a papal one!


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