Music Moment: Child Abuse, “Cut and Run”

10 Oct


48 hours to go until something happens…

Have been writing some thoughts on this year’s Airwaves (my own personal grumpy ones mind) and will probably share them with you tomorrow, knowing full well that by then everyone will be so deliriously excited at the prospect of seeing Beach House, that they soil their pants if they even think about it. Yes, there are people who are like that.

But for now here is some nice Icky nasty feel bad music to keep those positive thoughts at bay. Thanks to those witches over at the Coilhouse coven, i´ve been introduced to a nice little perky band known as CHILD ABUSE. First of all, what a great name to make you feel really comfortable with. Try introducing this band to your family. And this music is a single digit thrusting barrage of noise and nauseous sonics with the added pleasure of a video that merrily slices away at your frontal lobes. I want to play this to my cat now, See its reaction.


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