Infofelch: Iceland Airwaves ’11: WEDNESDAY!!!

12 Oct

So It Begins….

ICELAND AIRWAVES 2011  has properly kicked off. Was just at KEX hostel to try to get a chance to see Gus Gus, only to find the place full to bursting with people with nice haircuts and awfully tasteful layered knits. And lots of people taking pictures and blogging. LOT OF PEOPLE DOING THIS!

I managed to at least hear most of the last song before they stopped after about 20 minutes. It was all part of the live broadcasts that US radio station KEXP seattle are going at the place. Oh well, at least i got a Stein of beer for my trouble.

Now I’m home chillaxin’ n’ shit with my pet tiger, Stalin. But right now here’s the situation;

the FANCY GRAPEVINE AIRWAVES site is now almost on full throttle. here are some things i may have written but you can’t really prove that it’s me..

A nice piece about the people who work behind the scenes at Airwaves

An interview with Mr Valdi Jóhansson, guitarist with Reykjavik! and blooming producer. 

and for people really want to know this shit, i will be DOWNSTAIRS AT FAKTORÝ TONIGHT. you know the drill….

Stand easy…

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