Infofelch: Iceland Airwaves 2011: SATURDAY!

15 Oct

MY REVIEW OF FRIDAY NIGHT AT NASA is up and running. Yes i was really pissed of at the venue’s penny pinching ways in charging for water. According to friends, if you do ask certain bar people, they will happily give you water from the tap, but it was still a bloody cheek. The security guys were really good though, considering they had to deal with a few hundred pissed off people trying to get into a full-to-the-brim NASA, screaming “This is an outrage!! i want to speak to your manager!” The night’s music was a lot better than i thought it was going to be. With regards to Nicky and the Dove, her music wasn’t bad, but not great. But it was just the whole stage show with all the “kookiness” and put upon crazy that just pissed me off. unless you’re going to go ALL OUT CRAZY can we have a moratorium on Indian style face paint?

Also – A PIECE I DID WITH THE POLITELY NAMED FIST FOKKERS! they are actually nice meek little boys. I could make money of their milky white skin if i didn´t have any morals.

tonight I am off and wandering about with my brother. Will try to catch some fo the metal night. And some of the stuff happening at Gaukurinn (Iceage, K-X-P, etc…). that place looks to be pumping there.

I am running on fumes and mints. time to get some proper food and a decent cocktail.

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One response to “Infofelch: Iceland Airwaves 2011: SATURDAY!

  1. wim van hooste

    October 16, 2011 at 7:31 am

    Only the air is for free, you know.


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