Music Moment: Fabio Orsi, “Endless Autumn”

24 Oct


Well it’s the beginning of a new week. Last week was a complete write off thanks to my kitteh’s escapades. Oh and Aðalsteinn’s stag do, where i got to appreciate Sunn O))) in a whole new (and rather embarrassing) way. But fuck that, most of the toxins are leaching out of my system, and my cat is back safe and sound, although he does look a little messed up by the whole experience.

No matter. I have just type up a review which will probably be either the best, or most ludicrous, review i’Ve ever done. And it probably won’t get printed, but what the fuck, it had to get done in my head, and that’s all that matters.

and to help me along with all this deep though, some truly expansive and beautiful, post-rock/ambient drone soup courtesy of Mr Fabio Orsi. This is his current latest release “Endless Autumn” which was available for a while on bandcamp, but has strangely disappeared. Nevermind, it’s a wonderful piece of music that it seems the Italians can make with ease these days. Go and check out his other stuff. Me, i´m off to investigate some new Icelandic music.


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