Reykjavik Grapevine: Album Reviews: Synthadelica & Hellvar

26 Oct

A couple of album Reviews are up and running…

First up, the EP “Let the party start” by SYNTHADELIA. It’s really just a quick 3 track burst of not too bad synth pop. Nothing that spectacular, but good enough for what it is. Check it out HERE.

Next up is the review for “Stop That Noise” by HELLVAR. their second album, it’s you classic electro rock that you hear in the charts every now and then. Again not bad, although as noted in the review, I kept hearing other people’s music in their album.

For example, “I wish i was cool” has that stomp riff in E that sounds and feels every so slightly used before.

(ok, so the Troggs in the key of A. so sue me….)

Meanwhile “Falsetto” feels like a stripped down version of the following….

And then there’s “Anna Amma” which REALLY sounds a lot like this….

But apart from all that, it’s a big improvement on their first album. Go and listen HERE

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