The Sunday Cult Film Corner: Halloween Grindhouse Triple Bill Special!!

30 Oct

Evening there scrotebags!

Well if you for some reason weren’t aware of it, tomorrow is the lovely holiday that is Halloween. Last night in Reykjavik saw many people get dressed up and partake in the downing of their bodyweight in alcohol. Lots of zombies, ghouls, witches and people dressed as sexy punks and nurses. And was just the Hen night that my wife went to!

Now i was supposed to be posting cult horror movies and assorted chillers over the past few weeks, but i haven’t Two weeks ago was Iceland Airwaves. Last week i was continuing my friends Stag do on my own with vodka and wine, so therefore was in no fit state to do any decent posting, apart from melt everyone’s twitter and facebook feeds.

So on the final Sunday before Halloween, I’m giving you not one, not two, but THREE big cult horror movies to whet your blood tinged appetites. So let stop fannying around and get right down to it shall we?

OK, first on our triple bill is SOCIETY. Released in 1989 and the directorial debut of Brian Yuzna, it star billy Warlock (yes, that guy off of Baywatch) as Bill, a member of a rich family in Beverly Hill and an apparently success person at school and amongst his peers. But despite all of this, he’s never felt like he truly belongs amongst his family and the rest of the local community. He then receives a tape that allegedly contains the audio of his family taking part in an orgy. This tape leads Bill on a nightmarish journey as he discovers his true origins and that of his family.

Society is a social class satire masquerading as a horror movie. Indeed it was a big success in Europe but was shelved in the US for 3 years. It was presumed that the film’s European success was down partially to Europe’s class history and their willingness to accept the films ideas. Satire or not, the film’s final third is truly a display of squeamish special effects that shows the protagonists in an almost Lovecraftian light. It was no surprise that Yuzna would go on to Direct the Lovecraft themed movies “Bride of the Re-animator” and “Necronomicon”. A must if you want to be entertained and slightly appalled at the same time.


Next up on our triple bill is HORROR EXPRESS, a Spanish Horror movie from 1972 starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas. The action takes place on the Trans Siberian Railway in the 19th Century in the middle of winter. Professor Alexander Saxton (Lee) along with Doctor Wells (Lee) are returning to the UK with the exhumed remains of a frozen humanoid creature that may they believe to be a missing link in human evolution.

However the trip is beset by mysterious deaths, with the victims displaying bleeding from eyes that have turned opaque. The creature then defrosts, breaks free and starts to go on the rampage. Can Lee, Cushing and Savalas (as the leader of a cossack regiment) find out what is happening and stop the horror before it’s too late?

Horror Express is a weird mix of Horror, Victorian Sci-Fi, and Spaghetti Western…. while set in Russia. But it does seem to be able to straddle that fine line between scholcky horror and genuine chills rather effectively. A classic from the old school.


OK, last on the triple and we need ZOMBIES!!! You can’t have a decent horror night without some kind of Zombie action can you? And of course there are so many excellent films to choose from. You’Ve got the Romero trilogy (Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead), 28 days later, Zombie Holocaust, The Horde, Dead Snow, The Evil dead trilogy, etc, etc.

But for this round, I’m going for the grandaddy of them all, Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBI 2. Released in 1979, it was called Zombi 2 to cash in on the success of Romero’s “Dawn Of the Dead” (which was called Zombi in Italy). While it doesn’t have the epic sweep of Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead”, it completely raises the stakes in terms of gore and splatter. the plot is fairly rudimentary. After a deserted boat belonging to a scientist drifts into New York Harbour containing what looks likes a possible member of the undead, the scientist’s daughter and a journalist sail out to the remote Caribbean island where her father was conducting scientific research. While there, they immediately fall into danger as hordes of zombies arise from the ground and attack them en mass. It becomes a fraught struggle for survival as they try to get out of the Island alive.

When i said it raises the stakes in terms of gore, I’m not kidding here. All I’ll just say is the “Splinter Scene” and leave it at that. Also it has one of the most WTF scenes in zombie movies history as a zombie takes on a shark! Crazy Shit.

Also listen out for the very superior soundtrack made by the master of Italian horror music Fabio Frizzi.

Ok i think that should be enough to keep you going for this evening. Just make sure before you watch these movies thatt the doors are locked, the lights are turned off, and that you have a knife and a gun handy just in case that unstoppable maniac who loves to kill in his spare time decides to come a-callin’….

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