Music Moment: True Widow, “Jackyl”

31 Oct


The beginning of a new dawn week up here.

Finished and sent off an interview i did with a well known Singer songwriter and his dad that i did yesterday, literally as i was out buying mushrooms and peppers for our dinner! Such is the way of the world up here where common sense long since died a painful death.

And tonight is Halloween proper with some top-notch Northern Light action. So top-notch that even I saw it! But i’ve blown my load with Halloween posts, so no “obvious post is obvious” stuff tonight. However i will give you something atmospheric and heavy to keep you on a downer. Tonight’s track comes courtesy of Texas Trio TRUE WIDOW, and the track “Jackyl”. They’re true disciples of that slowcore sound that was created by the likes of Low and Codeine. But the guitars here are much more overdriven, grating and grinding (nods to Earth and all that stuff. I mean their album’s called “As High As the Highest Heavens and from the Center to the Circumference of the Earth.” Such a bloody Earth title for an album!). Either way it’s the perfect soundtrack to the good ol’ concrete boots dance.


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