Music Dump: Prurient “Bermuda Drain”

01 Nov

My God, i can’t even remember the last time that i got round to doing one of these posts. It feels that time and the real world seemed to get in the way of  laying out some of my music to your willing ears. I can’t even be arsed to even go back and recount what the last album i gave to everyone was.

But no need. That was then, this is NOW! And now that October is past us, we’re just about to enter into november, surely the nastiest, coldest most misanthropic month of the calendar. So with this swirling in your noggins, for the next few weeks, you all need to be given music that reminds you all that the world is a desolate unforgiving place.

And for this music dump session, I’m going to give something for my main man Aðalsteinn, who is celebrating a very special day today with his shiny new missus. It’s noise music’s most “poignant break up album”,  Bermuda Drain from PRURIENT.

Released earlier this year, Bermuda Drain is the latest album from the brainchild of Dominic Fernow. THe main is a gigantic tyro in the noise scene in the US. he runs the record label Hospital Records, but has released a bewildering array of releases on other labels. Oh, and he is also a member of hot US darkwave band Cold Cave.

And it was the association with Cold Cave that has influenced this release. According to interviews, it seemed he felt he was reaching a bit of a cul-de-sac with regular noise music and was looking to take it a different direction, And with “Bermuda Drain”, he meshes his noise aesthetic to an intense, shiny platinum edged synth music. The overall feeling you get is that of when you heard the Terminator OST for the frist time. It’s so cyborg in its scope. The effect of all this is that you get a much better contrast of sonic wash, as opposed to the usual lazy crunches, screams and squealing feedback. Not that there isn’t loads of that in BD, but it’s just a part of the whole listening experience. The actual paradox of feral noise and decent song structure.

Oh and it’s such an oppressive, melancholy record borne out by the mood of the synths and the anger in his vocals. Take “Palm Tree Corpse” for example, fantasising about sticking bits of wood inside of dead partners that ends with him yelling like a wounded animal over the saddest synths imaginable. It’s pure break up song material, if the person doing the breaking up was a psychopathic stalker that collects his own waste in jars.

After all that, i can’t really recommend this album enough. So do me a favour and have a listen for yourself.

If you liked Bermuda Drain, then you can try it HERE.

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