Music Moment: Factory Floor, “Two Different Ways”

07 Nov


I had it all figured out. I was going to come home, get a cup of tea and hole myself up from this frankly clusterfuck of a storm that is trolling us all in Reykjavik this evening, and write a nice review of an Icelandic album for this site.

and then i sat down and went…. meeeeeeeeh!

I’ll definitely try to punch a few hundred words out before i get to bed. I will get this done. And to help me, I’ll be putting this track on infinite loop. It’s the latest release from those lovable electronic mashers FACTORY FLOOR. apparently their next 12″ is going to be released on James “LCD Soundsystem” Murphy’s DFA label. Seems a good fit methinks.

As for the track it’s 9 minutes of perpetual motion 80s Chicago style, but with a slightly harder edge to it. I really love the way the hi-hat/cowbell/claps percussion just bangs in and out of the whole track. just add that extra layers of restlessness to it.

Now i feel in the mood to start writing…. nah, fuck it, it’s still not there yet…


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