Music Moment: Medium Medium, “Guru Maharaj Ji”

14 Nov


Currently working try to smash word and phrases together for the entertainment of the baying masses slow gong, but getting there a little. In the meantime some links and stuff for your consideration….

– A Recent interview i did with Icelandic Singer songwriter (and Will Oldham look-alike) Snorri Helgason and HIS DAD for a recent concert they did together. His dad was especially charming!

– A nice article about the a person’s quest to becoming a better listener and digester of music. Realises that MP3’s are good for what they are (ease of use, ubiquity, etc) but to get REAL satisfaction, you need the right format and speakers. Mirrors some of my thoughts on the subject too.

– A thought provoking piece from The Quietus about the disturbing trend of misogyny and lack of female participation in dance music circles. This seems to have caused a bit of a stir as some people would think that things are ok, but the lack of props given to prominent female DJ/producers and the objectification of women in videos & photoshoots seem to suggest otherwise.

And while you’re getting your brain around those infochunks, here’s some nice music for y’all. A blast of dubbed out, minimal post punk from UK group MEDIUM MEDIUM. check out that dead space!


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