Music Moment: Rowland S Howard, “Autoluminescent”

17 Nov


So apparently I´m a man of wisdom now. Was asked to give an informal talk/lecture/ramble to some lovely interns about writing on music for the paper. Not sure why, as they definitely are people of their own opinions and taste on the stuff, and what makes for good (or bad reading). Plus i’m not sure what actually qualifies me as some sort of fount of all knowledge of this shit. But needless to say i just rabbitted on in a sub Lester Bangs/Everett True fashion (“write drunk, edit sober!”, “800 words good, 400 words better!”, etc). Was on firmer ground later in the pub when warning them about the slippery, emotionally stunted creature known as the Icelandic male, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Anyway they’ve been properly forewarned.

So as for tonight’s music moment. I’ve been listening to a LOT of Icelandic music over the last couple of days, sourcing music for my next mix. I’ve also been listening a lot to the latest mix from the cadaverous creatures over at BLACKEST EVER BLACK, titles “The Disappointment Engine.” In some ways, it’s one of the best they’ve done so far. Some of the tracks on it literally had me going “where do fuck do they FIND this stuff??”

Anyway, the last track on the mix is especially heartrending. “Autoluminescent” is by Rowland S Howard, influential guitarist and founding member of crack shock blues band The Birthday Party. Alas he died a short while back from cancer, but not before a documentary of his life was made bearing the same title. the tracks itself is a simple, haunting melody and the frailty in his voice that belies the fact that this was actually recorded in 1999. the sound of fragile life. Just love listening to it.


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