Music Moment: Cosey Fanni Tutti, “Time To Tell”

23 Nov


Fucking Knackered…

This is mostly because our beloved “child” Stalin was constantly vomiting last night and ended up vomiting a bright pink liquid. Cue much panic from yours truly that said cat was bleeding internally, and 3 hours of sleep before getting hold of an out of hours vet. after spending the best part fo the day at the vets (and parting with 20,000ISK), he seems fine. Bet the little shit did this deliberately to watch me panic. I wouldn’t put it past him…

So there has been no writing tonight. I’m listening to some Icelandic albums, with a mind to review them on here. But nothing that’s making me go “WOAH!” just yet. We’ll see…’

As for tonight’s music edition, I’m going to some lovely early Industrial/soundtrack moods from Mrs COSEY FANNI TUTTI. you may know her are one of the founding members of supreme industrial act Throbbing Gristle. But she was a respected musician and artist in her own right. During the 70s and early 80s, she was also a worker in the Sex Industry, her work ranging from Stripping and Glamour modelling, through to Hardcore porn. This often provided and the material and inspiration for much of her artwork, the best known being “Time To Tell”, a constantly evolving collection of photos, writings, performance art and music reflecting on her time in the sex industry.

This track “time to Tell” was not on the original cassette release, but was added to later CD editions. It has a menacing pulsing rhythm reminiscent of the soundtrack work of John Carpenter. Over the bass note, Cosey delivers a detached monologue about her actions and motivations which is then followed by samples of various pieces of consumerist culture. Make sure you play this with the lights off.


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