Reykjavik Grapevine: Live Reviews: Reykjavik! Album Release gig @ KEX

23 Nov

So there I was, in Bónus on a Thursday night getting food for the dinner for me and the missus followed by a quiet night in, when all of a sudden the phone rings

“Hey Bob! Our album release gig at KEX Hostel is on tonight and we’re inviting you to come and check it out!”

Yes HSM, my esteemed editor wanted me to come and look at his two-bit sub-humanoid band! Of course i said fuck that i just want a quiet night in of course! i would love to come.

And the fruits of that labour are now up on the webs! Go and read it all here.

It was a good gig, not a GREAT gig (this was probably due to the food beforehand sapping my slam dancing strength), or the best I’ve seen them this year (the Palestine bebefit gig was mental!), but they were tight, mean and slightly lean. I hate to say this, but there aren’t many bands on this rock that can match them and what they do. Bastards…

(we also need a load more recent press pics of them. they look about 19 years old in this picture…)

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