Saturday Night Fighting Music: “Come on ya great puff. Hug me!!!”

26 Nov

Well it’s approaching the end of the week as the local populace have worked themselves into the ground and are look for an opportunity, nay ANY opportunity  to blow off steam in the most disgusting and self debasing way possible.

But you know what i say? complete and total self-destruction of the body and soul just goes so much better with some 80s soul based power ballads. The perfect musical accompaniment to those loveless drunken ramblings that you attempt to perform with the opposite sex just so she’ll let you insert your gnarled greasy member into her barren love canyon. Good times eh?

As for me, I’ll actually be going out to listen to some dark, nasty threatening music in a small disused factory. A man of culture i be! Carry on…


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Posted by on November 26, 2011 in mixes, music, Video


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