Music Moment: Chelsea Wolfe, “Tracks (Tall Bodies) + Pale On Pale, Live”

28 Nov

Toowit Tewoo!!

Right now finishing off a review to post to my masters. Funny, but although i liked this album, i can’t actually think of a decent verdict for the damn thing, dammit! But i swear i will break this fucker before it breaks me.

Then it’s all about getting a few things sorted in my head for the next couple of days. I need to get around to doing a review on here about an album i´ve been listening to a bit, then it’s going to be a little quiet as i get ready to go and visit my lovely family in Liverpool for the weekend (I’m spending Xmas up in Iceland you see). So expect a flurry of posts to happen before Friday.

Anyway for tonight’s music I’m going back to one of my favourite artists of the moment, Those regular readers (ha!) of this blog will know the slightly iffy affection i have for Ms. CHELSEA WOLFE and her music. Get her album now! I demand that you do it, or you are not worthy to send me pithy comments on twitter! Anyway, she’s recently did a rather spooky sound live session at a radio station in the US, which the station kindly recorded. This video has “Tracks (Tall Bodies”, which I’ve posted here in the past, plus a new track “Pale on Pale”. Both tracks sound drenched in death and post coitus sex, before the killer blow is struck.


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