Music Moment: Colin Stetson, “Those Who Didn’t Run”

14 Dec


Lists. Bloody lists.One thing that Xmas is known for apart from food, drink, and rampant consumerism in the name of “Da Baby Jesus”, is the massive preoccupation with every music based magazine & website in making their top 5/10/20/50/100 songs/albums/artists/mixes/live shows/sexual moment with a musician in a bucket, of the year. The funny thing is that most people i know who write about music and other things really hate doing these lists, they’re only done so as to fill space, provide a tastestick consensus, and thereby promote status quo essentialism. TO HELL AND BACK WITH ALL THAT SHIT! (unless they pay me….)

No i won’t be doing a list on here as such. I will just be rattling a load of records that i liked in random order. With no words. Life’s too short.

And it seems my lovely Editor at my community service paper has also thought the same thing and has decided to so things a little differently this year. We’re now doing a single review of an album-as-a statement-of-the-musical-year. OK this seems a lot better, although what album to write about….? I have a couple of ideas, but of course i am open to suggestions.

But that is for another time. I’m off back to listen to some 90s Jungle, but before i do, have a ganders at this lunk of throbbing noise from Canadian bass saxophone artist COLIN STETSON from his latest EP “Those Who Didn’t Run”. Yes that sound comes mostly from a Sax (albeit manipulated post-production). Love the way it pulses, grinds and ebbs throughout the track.

Right off to work this brain on what this past 12 months meant to us all. Chill-blain? Bonky? Doom Pop? I’m sure those genres existed somewhere.



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