Music Moment: Circle of Ouroborus, “Warpath”

10 Jan


Hmm, well despite being active and getting shit done in clearing up my Mum’s affairs, I’ve been feeling in a bit of post-limbo world at the moment. Despite living here since Christmas, it feels more like I’ve been holed up here for months. It’s like someone has taken sticky jam to my timelines and everything’s getting all gunked up. Not much seems to be happening.

But there’s always one constant in life. We spods who write about music can’t be trusted. Our tastes are as changeable as the wind. One second we’re praising something to the heavens, the next we’re kicking its face into the gutter. Take solo artist CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, for example. He was actually the subject of my first ever album review. I wasn’t kind to him in the slightest. The kitchen sink production and the state of the drums. It just sounded awful to my ears at the time.

Now fast forward a few years and his latest album, “Eleven Fingers” is actually a rather intriguing listen. will i say i take it all back? Oooh not quite, but the sound is very different to his early stuff. The 80’s post-punk influences and the belligerent wails are still there, but the rumble and synths provide a much more dreamy, hazy feel to it. Hypnometal Mogadeath the only way those bloody Finns know how.


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