Reykjavik Grapevine: Music: Review of 2011!

10 Jan

So like everyone else that writes about music, we bottom feeders over at The Reykjavik Grapevine published our end of year review of the nations music in 2011. And naturally, you can read it all HERE!

So, what can we gleam from it all? Not that much really, out of us 5 writers, 3 of us went down the electronic route (Björk, Gus Gus, Möller Records), one went down hard rock (HAM), the other went indie (Snorri Helgason). for my choice, i waxed lyrical about the free “Helga” compilation that was released by Möller Records, as much for it role as a game changer and statement of the scene in 2011. 

I posted this, while drunk, on Möller Records Facebook page over the weekend as the article was copied and read by people

(booze and pills talking here) ok it may look like i have my tongue firmly up Möller Records arse, but the reality is that there is real shit happening in these hallowed shores, and it has to be said IN THE RIGHT WAY!!

And if you talk to the guys at, even online about what’s going on out there, then you can feel the energy coming off them. IT IS A RIGHTEOUS ENERGY

You can argue that i should be more “objective”. BULLSHIT! Shit be exciting and i am more than happy to report and bully these fucks into a while different arena.

That is all…

Ahem… Time to stay away from the codeine methinks. But while i think about that, go and have a read of it all and let us know what you think.

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