Free Music Dump: 100% Fresh and steaming from the udder!

18 Jan

Right! 2012 is now here and this blog has been inactive for long enough. It’s time to get back on the hamster wheel of blogging and begin feeding the beast that knows no name. Well actually, it’s called Kevin, but don’t tell him he’s a beast – it hurts his feelings….

So the best way to ge things going is to throw some delicious morsels of free music, the same was a local crime lord will throw frozen turkeys at crack addicts during Thanksgiving. yes, it’s time for a free music dump!

So what’s first from my sonic bag of tricks? Ahh, this’ll do for starters, “Solar Lights Don’t work At Night” by GOD BOWS TO MATH. An indie rock band from Auckland, NZ. It’s not too bad a listen as it’s loaded with grumbling bass, and slightly emo-atonal guitar lines with a slight Post Hardcore bent. It’s pretty well produced ans is worth the 13-odd minutes of your time.


Next up is a bit of sleazy electro squelch from LOVE SPELLS. Their debut album “Paradox” is free to download from bandcamp and it’s chokka with slowed down, screwed up disco sounds and Lo-Fi beats that you would get from your typical dystopian futurescape ála Kandinsky. For the unwashed locals, this is what Nolo would sound like if they listened to French electronic artists from the early 80’s instead of The Cars


OK now is time to REALLY rip things up, with some ringing, tingling grime sounds from Birmingham, courtesy of LADY LESHURR. She released this free album/mixtape on the site Hood Tapes and, maaaan, it just continuously piledrives into your brain with some seriously hypertime rhythms. 2012 is certainly going to be the year several female grime MCs are going to break through in the UK and this lady HAS to be one of them. You can check for yourself by downloading the album HERE. (Thanks to Joe Muggs for suggesting this on twitter…)


Now to finish things off, time for a little bit of Nepotism. I have a lovely friend in the USA named Jeffrey Owens, As well as sharing a love of music and comics, he also likes to tinker with electronic sounds under the pseudonym TERRAN. He’s released a free EP titled “10 Noises” on Bandcamp and despite the name, it’s actually rather soothing in its own unique way. Each track is a short sharp jab of power electronics and oscillating wave functions. An Ideal palette cleanser from all the MOR molasses that stick to your ears from regular radio use….


Hmm, i think that’s a decent start to the new year, don’t you think? Now be off with you! I’m going to conduct some nasty experiments with an A-Ha 7″…..


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